Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Long Break

Captain’s Log Stardate 070506.12

Got back from Johor on Friday. It has been a long holiday…but it’s more like a working holiday because of my bro’s wedding. Not many of the relatives attending the rewang. Top of the missing list is Pak Din and his family with the exception of my cousin Nizam. Well, what do you expect? It was them who cut the bridge off. Interestingly though, they attended the kenduri itself…earning scorn from the rest of the family who derisively called them ‘VVIPs’! Well, most of the preliminary works are being done by me and my brother….pengantin balik lambat pulak! During the reception itself, the kompang team went AWOL for rombongan! The kompangmen have informed a relative of ours a few days before but he somehow ‘forgot’ to inform us! Heck, give me two days and I can play the kompang! (Of course you need a few others, but that can be arranged). On the day after, some of the guests complained (including my aunt’s family) that they got the shits…this is is baffling as none of my immediate family got them. Must something extra they ate! Oh yeah, that same relative’s family have prepared special dishes for the main tables but most the lauk have gone bad even though it has been recently cooked.. My wife suspected that bad shrimps are the main culprit…spoiling the dishes. On the other hand the cook hired to prepare the main dishes used up the entire stock of Basmathi….I was thinking of nicking (with my mum’s permission of course) any extra sacks, (one is actually enough). But since the rice has been used up entirely…there is nothing I can do but burying the leftovers (can you really eat half of a cauldron’s worth of bariani?)

On the modeling front, nothing much has been done except that I bought some supplies – a small bottle of cement, a medium bottle of enamel thinner, paints(FS36495, RLM83 and white) and TwoBobs’ F-111 Combat Lancer decal sheet. I applied the missing stencils for my already completed F-111. Tough job applying those decals with bombs and landing gears in the way.

I also have thought about my building schedule….from now on the Scud will be attended to on weekends only whilst I concentrate upon the aircraft during weekdays.

When I was at HHQ, I saw that the F-15I conversion set is still there, so is a 1/72 F-15E. To top it off, there is still Neomega’s ACES II seats and TwoBobs’ F-15E Throwback Nose art decal sheet. Jolly good! I hope all of the stuff are still there in October!

Oh man! My body still aches!

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