Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do I Have To Put The Title?

Captain’s Log Stardate 220406.11

It’s been a pretty busy weekend for me. I have to go to the office to finish up my work before I take that long break. But it won’t be a relaxing break as I need to help my mom in the kenduri preparations. Talk about kenduri, I wonder where in hey is my brother. He is taking an even longer leave but he has not returned to Kedah. When I SMS’d him, he said he’s in KL. I think that it is better for him to balik kampong and help our mum instead of melepak at his wife’s kampong. Ah well, newlyweds! Hahahaha…..

It’s been a slow week for me on the modeling front. I have assembled the F-5’s fuselage. Have a pretty hard time handling tiny PE parts for the cockpit – in the end, I have to leave off some bits…to small for me to handle! I wish I have the retractable repair hands of the Veritech Fighter! I may have to postpone the painting as I lack the proper colours and need to buy them at KL when I stop by next week. And last night I continued with my Scud launcher building programme. End up asleep most of the time and only managed to assemble the raising boom. Even that is incomplete.

OK…back to work!

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