Monday, May 08, 2006


Captain’s Log Stardate 080506.15

Browsing through my favorite Cari Forum. Saw threads about the controversial movie ‘Lelaki Komunis Terakhir’. The movie, which was previously has been given greenlight by the Censor board has now been banned. It seems that a number of film lovers are enraged by that decision. Mainly they say that the Government is biased, close-minded at the like. Many seem to think that this is the movie for them to understand what the Emergency is all about.

Even though I am neutral in this matter – Amir Muhammad can make the movie for all I care, unless he’s washing Chin Peng’s ass clean, my core computer says : ‘Good!’ Amir said that he is fascinated by Chin Peng’s book, upon which he based his film. Now I don’t know whether his liberal views clouded his mind somewhat, but couldn’t he make movies about Dol Said, Tuk Janggut, Hj Abdul Rahman Limbong and other patriots? They deserve more of the title ‘patriot’ than Chin Peng. I have read CP’s book, which makes a nice read anyway. He somehow try to explain reasons for his Party to taking up arms again in 1948, citing British oppression and independence among others. Sure, but what about after 1955? There are some forumners who try to explain reasons (probably citing from books by Shamsiah Fakeh, Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin) on why certain Malay nationalists join PKM but again…why are they still in PKM after 1957?

On another note, I read an article about ‘pasukan Islam dalam tentera Jerman’ – referring to the ‘Handschar’ Division of the Waffen-SS. Looks like the writer romanticize a bit about this unit. He even said that it is quite impossible for these Muslim soldiers to commit atrocities. I agree if those soldiers are under the command of people like Khalid al-Walid or Saad bin Abu Waqqas. But units under the notorious SS? Ok I’ll try to open up to the possibilities that:

The Handscar actually conduct themselves well like the 5th SS Division ‘Wiking’ or the 28th SS-Divison ‘Wallonien’

The reason Balkan units constantly mutinied against their German officers is that they refuse to obey orders which harmed their Islamic teachings and their cordial relationships with other Balkan ethnicities.

But even though stories about their alleged atrocities are ‘Jewish Propaganda’ I wouldn’t want the good name of Islam being associated with the likes of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler! Furthermore, these Eastern European units are not exactlt renowned for their tenacity…folding up easily in the face of the Russian Steamroller.

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