Sunday, March 04, 2007

Field Marshal Mat Jenin

This is the continuation of my daydreaming thread (Click HERE to read the first part)

I’ll start with tanks. Up until now, Malaysia has ordered 48 PT-91Ms from Poland....not enough! If I recall correctly, either Tun Dr M or the Armed Forces Chief wanted 300 MBTs for the I’ll use that figure, perhaps adding another 20 units to form an armoured division! Giiven the choice however, I might probably purchase T-84s from Ukraine. However my true object of desire is the Leopard 2A6…which is probably the best tank in the world today.

For Infantry Fighting Vehicles, in addition to the current Adnans, I’m interested in the CV90 family from Sweden. Why? Because the CV90 is armed with a 40mm cannon as compared with 25-30mm cannons arming its contemporaries. I’m a sucker for (relatively) big guns, what can I say? Having said that, I think I’ll choose BMP-3 with its 100mm and 30mm guns. For APCs, there are two schools of thought. I’m a bit indecisive here; tracked or wheeled? If wheeled, I choose the Patria and if tracked....what? More MIFV (K200 KIFV) ? Or the APC versions of ACV-S, ASCOD, CV90 and the like?

For armed recon atau Fire-support vehicle, I am quite biased towards the South African Rooikat 105 or the Italian Centauro replace the long-serving Sibmas. But since both of them are not amphibious, perhaps I’ll select the AMOS 120mm mortar-armed Patria from Finland. Hmm maybe the 2S31 Vena system from Russia.

Of course, I can avoid the headache of using different chassis by simply getting one chassis, say the Patria, and fit the vehicles accordingly such as 105mm gun for the AFSV role, HMG or light cannon for the APC role and so forth.

For artillery, I hope that more ASTROS II MRL is procured. I kinda like the Russian BM-27 Uragan system, but i think it would be better to have a homogenous system. The OTO Melara Modello 56 105mm howitzer are to be replaced with the Royal Ordnance L118 105mm Light Gun (or its local equivalent, the SAKTI). I am also hoping that more South African G-5 155mm howitzer are to be added into the inventory. Since there is now more emphasis on mobility, self-propelled guns such as the Panzerhaubitze 2000 or Denel G-6 should be acquired to support the armoured formations. Also heavy mortars, be it static/towed or mechanised should be added.

All those collection of steel are fit for scrap metal unless protected from the aerial threat. Currently the army fielded just MANPADS / VSHORAD (Igla, Starburst, Anza MkII) and SHORAD (JERNAS) systems. What is needed is (at least) a medium-range system. I have my eyes on the Russian Buk-M1-2 (SA-17 Grizzly) and also the 2S6 Tunguska M1 AAA/SAM tracked system. For long-range or ‘strategic’ AD system, the Russian S-300PMU1 (SA-10 Grumble) is my choice.

For army aviation, rumour has it that the army brass are keen on the Eurocopter Tiger but I’m not sure whether they prefer the HAP or the HAC version. For me however, I prefer the Russian Kamov Ka-52 or the Mi-28N.

And finally, hopefully the soldiers are to be equipped with better IT / BMS (Battlefield Management System). And as for their personal firepower, I really had a nosebleed when I saw HK416 5.56mm assault rifle. Buy them!!

(My daydream list isn’t exhaustive as I deliberately left EW systems and other supporting stuff)


blackpurple said...

Banyaknya link dalam entri yang ni....

Aku nak komen entri yang bawah.
Peratusan kemalangan maut memang nampak menurun, tapi kenapa tak diambil kira pertambahan kenderaan setiap tahun. Kalau diambil kira peratusan pertambahan kenderaan dan pemandu, aku rasa peratusan kemalangan maut lebih kurang sama kot. Entah-entah meningkat...!

awangmamat said...

A good wishlist.

For the SPH, the T6-52 and AUF2 should be considered. The T6-52 is essentially the South African G6 system in a turret that can be fitted to the T-72 chassis (which is basically similar to our PT-91M chassis). The AUF2 is a French system based on the same concept.

For the mobile air defence, the Loara is a Polish system that is similar to the modularity concept above (i.e. it can be fitted onto the PT-91 chassis). It looks like the German Gepard and some claim that it is modelled on the unproduced South African Wildcat.