Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Typing anak-anak merdeka

Beginilah kata-kata anak-anak Malaysia mengenai orang yang akan mempertahankan mereka…aku rasa macam nak ikat diaorang kat Asahan punya firing range lepas tu buat TOT pakai G-5 diikuti full battery salvo dari ASTROS! Aku ambil dari satu forum online dimana mereka bercerita tentang masalah Adnan AIFV satu ketika dulu…yang aku dah explain dalam entry sebelum2 ni. Inilah orang bijak pandai sekarang…

“imagine... there is a attack launch against the country....they will say "hold on, don't attack 1st!! not fair-lah!! I don't hv spare parts for my billion ringgit tanks!! "

“wakakaka....i'm not suprised....the same went to the 2 submarines bought 4-5 years back now parked at lumut the submarines have never been moved because...........u can never guess the reason.....these marines officer don know how to read the manuals .....cool eh....
aiyo....wasting the rakyat money...we spoke to some angmos who were brought in to teach the officers to operate the submarines....btw...the submarines are not made in malaysia....so manuals are all writen in pure english onlithe angmos were soooooooo frustrated......"

(until recently, ALL of Malaysian weaponry are not made in Malaysia, consequently the manuals would be all in English. Add to that we buy weapons not only from the UK or US but also non-English countries like Korea, Russia, Italy and Brazil. Our military have operated the weapons without much problem despite the manuals being in English. And none of the problems, if it exists, are caused by the inability to understand English. As for the subs, TLDM simply have no interest in the old ex-Dutch navy subs. The guy typing the comments that our marines (sic) officers don't know how to read the manuals has merely exposes himself to be an a-hole. Oh, BTW our officers speak in 'pure English' unlike the guy up there who speaks 'Mangled English or 'Manglish')

“I'm sure our defensive unit is not ready mentally & physically 100% if there is a big war launch against Malaysia...”

“Setakat ni askar di Mlaysia hanya makan gaji buta saja..belum pernah perang.Tapi lagi elok macam tu dari sentiasa perang macam Indon dan Thailand..takut la..”

(ini statement paling contradictory aku pernah dengar…macam siot aje, kata makan gaji buta pasal takde perang, tapi takut pulak kalau ada perang)

“why does our country need tanks? macam got war....... macam very pro know how to use..... LPPL! ppl all pro outside the warzone! buy the tanks for them to target practice.”

(Another stupid a-hole…that’s all I wanna say)

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blackpurple said...

Selalu juga terdengar orang cakap, "askar Malaysia ramai mati sebab 'eksiden' bukan mati berperang..."