Monday, April 10, 2006

Dear Diary....

Captain's Log Stardate 100406.11

Monday! Well, doesn't make any difference here in kedah...weekday starts on no manic Monday...maybe boring Sunday. Anyway, had a good time last not that! The other one! Yeah, I mean 2-0 for the Red Devils against the Gunners (or more appropriately Arse..nal). Watched the game with the missus's cousin. Noisy kid. Well one could be critical if Ronaldo keep bamboozling around when he could be putting beautiful crosses and Nistelrooy wasted a good chance. But dang! The Chelskis also won their game....darn and darn some more!

Managed to paint the overall blue for my Sukhoi last it looks too dark! Nah, maybe it's my eyes kelabu again. Tonight, barring any interruptions I'm going to paint the green camo color. Hmmm also need to continue building my Scud launcher....nightmare kit that one. The driver and crew cabs fit miserably, so are a number of other parts. The clear parts for the windows are scratched - I'll pretend that it is because of terible sandstorms! I am going to paint it in Iraqi Army colors as there is the Iraqi option but the jawi writing looks funny...I can't decipher it. I was thinking of painting a slogan myself....something like 'Death To The Persians', making the model c. 1986 during the Battle Of The Cities. Photos? I'll re-edit these pages with photos after I get my hands on a digital camera.....Am I obsolete?

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