Sunday, April 09, 2006

Queue Jumpers!

Captain's log Stardate 090406.16
Read Afdlin's blog just now....he is a funny guy. Didn't manage to meet him during his A-level days....I was his junior. Anyway, I saw something about people jumping queues. Well that has got to be my pet peeve. Whether on the road or queing to 'tekan dinding' (that is, using the ATM), there are always somebody who wants to 'potong line'. While previously grumbling to myself (or my wife if she's around), I decided that enough is enough. Whilst still grumbling, I make it loud enough for that particular a-hole (that's what they are) to hear. Maybe next time I will ask him or her to get back to the end of the line. But sometimes I have doubts...especially if the offender is a makcik....should I tell her to buzz off or just smile? Argghhhhh who cares about sopan-santun if they have breached it first?
Another type of people who greatly pisses me off are those who tumpang friends withdrawing money from the ATM. Hellooooo.....hang tak reti nak beratur ka? Pemalas! I have seen a bunch of UUM kids at the Varsity Mall branch of the BCB in front of the ATM. Seemingly, only one of them is going to withdraw some money. But once that girl gets her turn, the other three, yes, three start passing their ATM cards to the former. To add anger to me, they did it whilst happily chit-chatting with each other. Well, a bit of some choice swear words (mild ones) hurries them! But the most annoying is the one where a single person, with no potential 'remoras' around him/her who withdraws on behalf of a number of friends. Aku penat2 beratur, korang bessstttt aje dok bilik suruh member keluarkan...aku sumpah hangpa punya duit kena curi lepas ni!!!
Captain's log supplemental
From now on, I will post my entries in mixed languages. I'll keep my proper English for my resume, official letters and whatnots only...haha!

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