Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Gathering

Captain’s Log Stardate 180406.16

It has been a pretty tiring weekend for me. On Thursday night, I drove down to KL for the preparation of my brother’s wedding. Started the journey at around 8pm and arrived at my aunty’s house at around 2am..well what can I say, I’m a ‘slow’ driver. My brother has even hilang akal…he wants to drive by himself, in his car with expired road-tax….and when I told him that his road-tax has expired, he said ‘Ye ke?’ Yeah…right! Road tax mati pun tak ingat ke?

On the following afternoon, I went to the mini-gathering of the Military board members of Cari.com. I was supposed to bring my family along but my daughter caught a cold and have to be left behind…along with her mother of course. Not many were there, just me, tin, Rainbow Six, mmc, jazim, frisky_mango, Yipun78 and her (or somebody else’s) sister….oh and also my cousin who tagged along. Well the discussion mainly revolve around what we normally discuss in the forums whilst the ladies mainly don’t understand what the guys are talking about. Foxey was unable to come as she had a meeting at that time….meeting, on a weekend? Poor lady! I then went up to MH to see the incoming entries for the modeling competition. Met DewaGanaz@Silantra who mistakes me for mmc. Oh yeah, mmc and me looks almost the same. I thought of buying something but decided not to. Nevertheless, I went to HHQ at get myself a 1/72 TUDM F-5 / A-4 decal. Now, that’s something…..I might need to buy two kits and bash it into TUDM’s A-4PTM. And then that night my missus got struck with allergic reaction, probably because of the prawns she ate before….there goes RM42 (not that I’m complaining)…..which I could get reimbursement from the Employer if I asked for a receipt…..

I’ll be back soon…..

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