Monday, April 10, 2006

Politically Correct Modeling?

Captain's Log Stardate 100406.17
Ah...the afternoon entry. I realised when I re-arranged my models in the display cabinets that there are a number of 1/72 planes and 1/35 tanks that can be bought to fill in the empty slots. As usual, I berangan first - which planes / tanks to get. A number of candidates came up...and I was thinking of getting an Israeli F-16D Sufa or the Kfir and the Merkava MBTs. But then a little version of me pops up alongside, asking this question - do you want to buy models of planes and tanks that are used to kill innocents? The second question asked by Mini-Me is that do I really want to have the emblem of the IDF-AF in my house, with people asking...why is this ^%*&^%% Israeli planes/ tanks in your collection? Well, it is time to ponder....
I do have a conscience at first, with Israel being the Muslim World's #1 enemy. And their weapons are used to suppress the Palestinians. However, after looking at a Gempur Wira member's collection which includes Kfirs, I thought - hey, why not? It is just a model anyway. I'm not making any political statement with my models and besides if I follow that line of thinking - weapons used to kill fellow Muslims, I might as well chuck off over 70% of my collection as they include US and Russian planes which are used over Iraq and Afghanistan! A model is just that....a scale representation of a military hardware, whoever their users are. Besides my collection of modern MBTs would not be complete without a Merkava. So anyway, it looks like there are 3 slots for 1/72 planes and 5 slots for 1/35 tanks...and also for one 1/350 ship and upwards to six 1/48 WW2 planes. My wishlist looks like this:
F-15E Eagle
F-16D Sufa / big spine...either Israeli or the Singaporean...I prefer the Israeli one...don't want another boring gray plane....
either the J-10 or J-8II fighter from PRC
Merkava - I prefer the Academy's Mk II - reviews said that it is better than the Mark III
Leopard 2A6
Challenger II
either the T-80 or the Ariete
HMS Hood
Spitfire late series, probably the Mark XIV
Ki-61 or Ki-100
Macchi 202 or 205
Ju 87 Stuka
Oh well...those are just berangan list...need to finish my current stash first! Besides my 'military' budget is severely cut for the next few months!
Tomorrow is a holiday....yippeee!

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