Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April Rain

Captain's Log Stardate 110406.22
Had a very stuffy afternoon today...harbinger of rain afterwards. Rain is still falling, since 5pm. Power went out at 5.30 but was restored around 8.15pm. The Pengetua called just now, informing me that the scheduled spot-check is called off...haha, good! From the kids' POV that is! That reminds me about last night. I saw two couples still bertenyeh at the nearby cafeteria even though it's already 12.30 am. So I went down there, not saying anything but just jeling them. I guess my aura is pretty good since the two girls quickly pick up their stuff and belah! Oh...tunggu aku datang baru nak blah la ye?? That in turn reminds of my 'sermon' last year to a pair of 'lovers' at almost the same place, in which I asked them whether they would stay out until 1 am if they are at their kampung. Of course they will answer 'tak encik'....to which I replied 'tahu pun....kenapa? malu mak bapak? Abis kat sini mak bapak takde...sukahati korang la nak buat apa...blablabla'.
Painted the camo colors on my Fullback this morning. I must have goofed up somewhere, or the color call-out is wrong....the painted scheme looks weird.....Oh well.....who cares....
In today's Harian Metro, there is yet another story about Mawi *yawn* heck, even stories about Siti and Datuk K has wind down! Today the story is about how a sick kid got well after hearing his song....yeah, how about people who GOT sick hearing him? Watching re-runs of AF, his 'sumbangness' is clearer now...OK, he still manage to render a song or two, like Dewa's 'Pupus', well. But for the rest? I wonder what people see in him? Alim? Alim and being a commercial artiste do not go hand-in-hand, for me at least. Then there's this Resume Untuk Mawi...I know Astro has great income but to spend it on a programme merely to find Mawi's PA? I find it ridiculous, especially when Astro patterns the program after the The Appretice. At least in The Appretice, the winner is gonna be an executive, in a multi-millionaire's company...but RUM? Just being a PA...not even the Manager! yeah, I know it's not easy to become a PA....Well I don't know that an artiste's PA is required to organise a charity event?
Hmmm.....anyway, it's going to be a cool, if not cold night tonight.

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