Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Outstation! Oh bugger!

Captain’s log Stardate 050406.4

Got pretty pissed just now. I am required to go outstation with just 3 hours’ notice. Throw whatever’s been planned for the next few days into disarray. Well, that’s what happens to me sometimes. On another note, my first layer of basic paint has dried on my Italeri 1/72 Sukhoi Su-34 model. Oh, I forgot to tell that I am an avid modeler. Not very skilful though – as reflected in my Forum nickname of ‘kerastangan’ which poetically means – no skill!

Getting back to the model in hand. The Sukhoi was bought in 2004 but was only assembled earlier this month. I was thinking of getting a Neomega resin cockpit (which costs RM79.90) but I scrapped the idea because of maxed-out credit card –ha! Color call-out is pretty vague. Italeri instruction mentions that the blue is ‘light blue’. So I use my Tamiya XF-23….it turn out more greenish than blue. Probably because it has been stored for a long time. So I have to experiment using XF-14 Sky Blue plus a few drops of XF-8 Flat blue…looks close to the real thing. And aiyaakkkk!!! The left wing is a bit weak…probably not enough cement. Well, the rest of the work have to wait until I get back from outstation.

My little girl (and her mother of course!) are going to miss me tonight!

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