Thursday, April 20, 2006

Strip and Search

Captain’s Log Stardate 200406.12

Painted the Fullback last week. I must have goofed up somewhere as the plane really looks funny. Well, it’s Kleen Glass time! I think I have used the glass cleaning liquid as paint stripper more than its actual intended use. In the meantime I have start building my F-5E. I might also want to strip the original decal from the other F-5E, which was originally intended to be a present to the former college principal, and replace it with VFA’s excellent decal. I want to make the earlier F-5E in its original, delivery markings.

I read in ScaleModelsMalaysia and Track-Link that Tamiya is coming out with a Char B1 tank. This is good news for me as it will (sort of) complete my collection, as there is still no French-built tanks in my collection (sure, there’s the Trumpeter’s Hotchkiss H39 – but I want the real heavy stuff). There is only one catch – there is no more space for any new tanks in the display cabinet! I might need to off-load some older stuff….like the old Tamiya StuG IV.

Elsewhere, I have to ‘tebalkan muka’ and asked for a wee bit of loan from my mum. Yeah, I know, I’m the one who should be sending money. I blame the 30 sen increase in petrol price and that stupid nyonya whose car my brother’s car collided with!

Hmmm I might need to patrol the college perimeter….’mating season’ is in full swing!

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