Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manchester United : The Conspiracy

Nowadays the internet is a fertile ground for the propagation of conspiracy theorists. These, sorry to say, ultra-paranoid individuals have the impression that everything that happens in the world is part of some secret society's plan to conquer the world. From 'The War On Terror' to everyday happenings, it is all part of these societies' dark plans to take over the world. Even football teams aren't excluded and of them is Manchester United FC.

As a graphic representation of a devil is used in the club crest, MUFC became the latest focus of conspiracy theory. Basically the club is said to incorporate devil-worship, masonic and min-control properties. The funds is also suspect as there may be Freemasons contributing...Here's what they say and my comment on the matter:

1. The devil insignia and devil-worship
They say: The devil , of course represents the devil and the shield represents a pentagram. The red colour is the 'colour of the devil'.
I say : While the devil DO represent the devil, in this context the devil is meant to represent aggresiveness (as many other sporting clubs who used the nickname 'Red Devils' and also soem military formation such as the British 1st Airborne Division of Arnhem fame). The shield was derived from the City Of Manchester coat of arms while the allegation that red is the colour of the devil was merely the result of the writer's imagination. I mean, if you said that the shield reprents a pentagram, how about any other football club which have the shield motif? Are they devil-worshippers too? And as for the colour, would that mean Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Bayern Munich, Tunisia and for crying out loud, Selangor and Kelantan are also devil worshippers because their jersey is predominantly, if not entirely in red?? How about the RED Crescent Society?

2. Paganism
They say : The two footballs in the MUFC crest represent the Egyptian sun-god Ra and that the shortened call-name of 'Man U' is an allusion to Hindu deity Manu.
I say : It's a FOOTBALL Club for crying out loud, of course there may be an incorporation of the ball in the crest. As for Man U and Manu, it is just a bloody COINCIDENCE all right? Even the term 'Man U' was not actually used universally.

3. Masonic motifs
They say : The said ball to represent the 'All Seeing Eye'. The letters M and A in 'Manchester' is attributed to 'MAson' and that the letters N,C,H,E,S,T,E,R, when converted to theyir respective numbers in the alphabet and manipulated will give Masonic numbers.
I say : Probably the most stupid reaoning of all. 'Al Seeing Eye? The ASE is only one eye...if the balls in the crest represents ASE, why there are TWO of them? The name Manchester is derived from the Roman name Mammucium which was derived from the original Celtic/Old English name Mammceaster ('breast [hill] town'). As for the numbers, these conspiracy theorists are probably wannabe Archimedes, al-Khawarizmi, Sir Isaac Newton or Charlie Epps.....

4. Malcolm Glazer ownership
They say : Malcolm Glazer is Jew therefore he is an enemy of Islam and that he is SAID to be sponsoring a Jewish organisation specialising in helping immigrant Jews in Israel.
I say : Yes Malcolm Glazer is a Jew and for all I know, he might have hatred towards Muslims or might not even care about Israel. He is just another owner of a football club who may be out by next season, ousted by new shareholders. Besides, his ownership isn't really liked by the supporters!

5. Evidence; the actions of fans reflects the conspiracy stated in 1-4.
They say: Looking at past and present records, the supporters of MUFC love to pick a fight with rival supporters, committed vandalism and thoroughly obsessed with the club (including spending a lot on souvenirs, staying up late or missing a prayer)
I say : Mind, hooliganism was not monopolised by MU supporters - just about every club has resident hooligans or ultras. Also, some of the worst hooliganism incidents happened in South America and Africa. About ultra-obsession, again there are fans who were thoroughly obsessed about their club be it Manchester United or Kettering FC.

Oh well, that's some people to you. As for Manchester United's crest, some ulama has decreed that it is HARUS or at most MAKRUH to wear the shirt.....


Hairil Rizal said...

The newest from our ulama says that 'It is NOT ADVISED to wear the MU shirt due to the Red Devil as with also other jerseys that support gambling, liquor, etc.)

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