Thursday, July 08, 2010

Kill The Octopus!

First of all, I just wanted to say how disappointed I am when Carles Puyol's header went into the net last night.....Nahhh I didn't bet even a single cent but as someone who have supported Germany since there was 'West' in the name and Karl-Heinze Rumenigge rules the roost, it is something bitter to swallow....

I bet (figuratively speaking) by now everyone has heard about Paul teh octopus who selected Germany to win against England and Argentina...and Spain to win against Germany. As Paul was based in a Berlin aquarium I guess his next fate would be 'sotong sumbat' hahahaha!

Now bookies and gamblers everywhere are waiting for his next prediction, I guess. As Muslims we shoul;d not believe in such predictions, however uncanny they are as everything has been in the Qada and Qadar of Allah. There are also certain quarters who alleged that the World Cup results since 1990 has been fixed by FIFA and sponsors - which to them explains why Brazil only won when the hosts are at the opposite ends of Europe (South Africa has the same time zone as Europe anyway). There are even some who speculated that Paul the Octopus was actually influenced (by drugs or some chemicals) in order to attract gamblers hence greater profits for the betting companies (and syndicates too?) and then leave them all penniless after Spain beat Germany....yeah I know it's far-fetched but for conspiracy theorists, everything is possible!

Oh well, for the final, I'm going to support Holland!

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Hairil Rizal said...

Hmm.. no Germany in finals.
Going to support Holland too..