Sunday, August 08, 2010

No Famous Amos = Undeveloped State?

“Ya Allah hinanya Johor Bahru nama je dekat dengan Singapura belum maju rupanya... baik aku duduk Kulim macam ni.”

Those are the words written in her Facebook entry by a lady who apparently couldn't find a Famous Amos outlet in Johor. While many may consider her moaning harmless, certain others find her remarks 'hinanya' as degrading, offensive and irreverent to the state and residents of Johor in general.

Apparently she is pregnant and possibly has a craving for the cookies but was unable to find them, hence her moans. But that probably does not justify the usage of the word 'hina'! Anyway I find it funny that someone equates development with whether outlets of certain foreign brands is available or not. Is Alor Setar a backwards town since I have a craving for Whopper and that there are no Burger King around? By the way, There are TWO Famous Amos outlets in Johor - both at the Sultan Ismail Airport, Senai, not very far from JB!

And another thing, there is actually no Famous Amos outlet in Kedah (unless one spends RM7 to cross over to Penang Island that is). And finally this uh, incident was merely a storm in a teacup.


Hairil Rizal said...

The issue wasn't really a big thing. Some fanatic Johoreans just like to make a fuss of it.

Anonymous said...

bro..dont say that its just some fanatic Johoreans making a fuss of it..she made a mistake and has already admitted it, so she's the one to blame..not the Johoreans..dont try to shift the blame to others..she's the one that started the fire..and then she had to go and comment on the Johor's Royal Family..that's like adding kerosene to the fire bro..thats just plain stupid..she's working in Johor, in the gov sector and then she said those craps? up your eyes and mind..she is the guilty party, not some fanatic Johoreans ok?..