Wednesday, June 30, 2010


eBay! Love it or loath it, it is part of the internet and modern society. Millions of items are being sold from consumer products to collectibles and from the common items to the rare. (Even films poke fun at eBay, such as in Finding Nemo when Peach the starfish mentioned that he was sold on eBay, or in Transformers when Blackout interrogated Sam or when Optimus Prime told Sam how he knew about Archibald Witwicky's glasses) Apart from eBay itself, there are a number of auction/selling sites similar to eBay such as our own

As with eBay, plenty of stuff are on offer - again from the common to the absurd....and with ridiculous prices to boot. And there are some items which simultaneously amused and bemused yours truly, such as.....

- old One Ringgit banknote (circa 1970s - 1980s) for the price of RM3,000!
- US One Dollar note, 1988 for RM150
- Saudi Arabian One Riyal note for RM100

Now for item #1 and #2, it was an old note, not antique. Furthermore the sellers didn't mention anything special about the banknotes (such as unique serial number, or formerly in the possession of a very famous person, or being present in a historic event, which MAY increase their value). As for the Saudi Riyal, even though priced at a 'mere' RM100, it might have the most ridiculous price, as the particular note is still in circulation!

Another ridiculous offer I came across last year was for a Transformers Revenge of The Fallen ticket stub. Yep, a ticket stub for one of the screenings of that movie at Sunway TGV.....for RM1,000! (or something like that). Presumably he wanted to take advantage of gullible Transformers fans, whom the seller thought that they will just buy anything with 'Transformers' on it. Perhaps he forgot that any TF fans who wants to keep their ticket stubs as a collectible would have already done so.

p.s. By the way, why should I keep a ticket stub as a collectible? Unless it was as a memento...and was never intended for sale.

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