Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A New Chapter

Yesterday marked a new chapter in my life, or rather my eldest child. She was enrolled in a local kindergarten - nothing fancy, just your basic KEMAS one. In the days preceding yesterday, she was quite excited especially when we bought her kindergarten stuff. However on that day itself, she was quite hesitant as she wanted her little brother to come along! Her brother also keep saying 'nak ikut kakak' - small wonder as both of them are really close. Anyway, I managed to persuade her not to cry citing new friends and things she could learn.

I took leave yesterday because of this matter and when we got home, we realised how quiet our house has become. Adham wasn't even his usual self, prefering to lie down rather than playing around. Even today when his cousins are around, it isn't the same. Oh well, perhaps he can overcome it soon. Anyway, the teacher told about one 'problem' with Nabila - she would not eat! I told her that she is like that - she's not into noodles and rice dishes - prefering bread or biscuits instead. Hmpphh looks like she has to bring food from home then!


Hairil Rizal said...

Quite sure that everyone will start adapting in a way or another to the new environment.

Should be a norm after a while :)

mumuchi said...

biasalah..lama2 oklah nanti