Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lost The Battle, Win The War

After 14 years of hurt, Malaysian national football finally have achieved one of the silverwares (although it does not look silver!) which have eluded us since we were beaten by Thailand in the1996. final . Last night we won the ASEAN Football Federation Cup or better known as Suzuki Cup after a quite thrilling game in Jakarta. Although we lost 2-1 in that game, we actually won 4-2 on aggregate. We did not even get the match to be stopped because of that naughty laser ray early in the first half. Once Safee Sali scored, I know that we already have the trophy in one hand, as the Indonesians would now have to score five to win. Possible, but highly unlikely.

Congratulations to all who make the dream possible, although I have to single out  the goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi as my choice of the Man Of The Match. Let this victory be our second (the first was the gold medal at the last SEA Games) stepping stone to achieve the position we once had. Just do not get carried away with all the adulations, rewards and congratulations. Winning the Asian Cup next might probably be asking too much but getting a good run (to me that means the semi-final stage) in whatever competition they take part would be fine, just try to build on last night's win first.


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