Thursday, January 06, 2011

We Are Not Elephants

You know, I think we Malaysians tend to have rather short memory, myself included. I sometimes can't remember what I did last week. But that's not the story here.

Sometime fourteen years ago, one particular gentleman said that he has the proof that this another particular guy is involved in some taboo hanky-panky. As usual no names were mentioned; just 'somebody 'high up', although people knew whom he meant. Then another fellow said he also has the same proof but he allegedly went one step further by giving names to that poor fellow. One year later, that poor fellow got fired by his boss because of his hanky-pankiness. Then suddenly that two fellows (and their friends) became bosom buddies with that disgraced gentleman. All their 'proofs' vanished into thin air and they changed their stance saying that the poor disgraced gentlemen was a victim of his former colleagues' (perhaps even his boss's) jealousy. Emboldened by this support, this guy has repeatedly tried to reclaim his rightful place (to him) until today.....and people believed him and his former accusers, forgetting the earlier accusations.

I wonder what happened to that original accusation. Were the two gentlemen accusers REALLY had that proof? If so, perhaps they should come clean and the truth can be truly revealed. If their accusation was just another power play, well, tough luck Joes, as it will definitely show that you guys are a bunch of LIARS!

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mumuchi said...

i just wanna know if the guy can furnish the claimed evidence for the one of many "accusations" he has at the upcoming "Tenang", or he will just again be forgiven for not being able to keep his soo many broken promises to reveal during critical times. We are not elephants but there is always a sucker born every second....