Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghost Busters

Do you believe in ghosts? Well some people do and they were at pains trying to convince the masses that ghosts do exist and they bring up photographic proofs to back their claim. I have seen many photos these restless spirits and while many are indeed mysterious and intriguing, the following 'ghost photos' should probably be viewed while having a 'laugh track' within easy reach!

Photo 1

The sender said that this is a photo of ghost taken at a local factory. He claimed that this is a ghost of a foreign worker who died in a freak accident at the factory......Well the only truth in this photo is probably the line about the foreign worker! This just merely the result of 'shaking' at the moment the photo is taken!

Photo 2
A ghost is said to have walked behind this kid. Well I guess it's more of motion blurring plus a bit of magic from good old photoshop!

Photo 3

Take a look on the right side of the photo. Just above the rightmost kid, you can see a girl in tudung. The sender said that it was another ghost caught on camera. Looks to me it's more like someone who got caught 'entering the frame' as the saying says!

Photo 4
The ghost is said to be the physical manifestation of the devil. So it's natural that it makes the 'devil' salute...hahaha! Again there is some blurring and perhaps this is a result of multiple exposure function of modern cameras!

Photo 5

Just like Photo 3, this is another case of someone caught 'entering the frame'!

Photo 6
A ghost was caught on film you say? Then if it that truly is an apparition not present when the photo is taken, then how come there is a gap between the girl af the guy furthest on the left? More like some idiot moved the picture was snapped!

Photo 7

 Kithoga from the movie The Relic Motion blurring plus someone with bad teeth!

Photo 8

Ghosts do come out in daylight Bloody someone or an object dressed with a wig and white sheet. 'Nuff said!

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mumuchi said...

I have seen ghosts but i don't believe they can be caught on camera. And they don't look like those photos hehehehe!