Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moon Landings? Impossible!!

There is a thread in Cari Forum discussing whether Man, specifically from United States had landed on the moon in July 1969. Even though 40 years have passed the debate rages on with roughly 6% to 25% of respondents did not believe the achievement. The proponents of the moon landing hoax cites numerous 'errors' and 'evidences' that the Apollo programme took place on Earth - from lack of stars in the photos to more complex issues such as penetrating the Van Allen Belt and the composition of the moon rocks brought back by the astronauts. Funnily enough, only  a few of the proponents are, so to speak, rocket scientists. The rest consists of a publicist (even though he worked for the company which manufactured the rocket engines), journalists and radio hosts.

I have engaged quite furiously in the debates, taking the general view that the moon landings did happen from 1969 to 1972. Lots have been written both for and against the issue and I would not repeat them here. However, at your Average Joe level, I can safely say that the allegations that the moon landings were faked are busted. My stand was based on these factors:

1. The Soviets will raise pure hell when they realize that they have been beaten in the Space Race through devious means. Coupled with failure of their own moon programme, they would viciously condemn the United States' fake landings. Remember, this the Cold War period. One of the conspiracy theorists alleged that the Soviets lacked deep space tracking capability until 1972, when the Apollo program was abruptly cancelled. However the Soviets had already have such facility in 1959! Further tracking stations were set up in 1962, 7 years before Apollo 11.

2. Conspiracy can only work if the ring is small, to avoid leaks. It was estimated that 400,000 people were involved in the Apollo programme. A typical conspiracy theorist would say that these people would be paid money to silence them. But, just how unlikely a chance that at least one of them would develop conscience and spill the beans? Furthermore, the United States government can't even stop the Watergate scandal (which took place in just one office block) from breaking out in the open. What chance do they have to stop somebody from exposing a complex conspiracy?

3. The lack of stars in the photos. For crying out loud man, the photos are all taken in daylight, with the cameras all in 'daylight' setting. Have you ever seen stars during the day? Even at dusk and dawn, only the brightest of the stars can be seen. I have mentioned this simple fact but the idiot who supported the landing hoax said something about Earth's atmosphere blocking the lights which is complete rubbish as the atmosphere is also present at night!

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mumuchi said...

And you should add that the Mythbusters who tried their best to debunk the landing actually scientifically confirmed the contested issues in their special episode #104 Nasa moon landing http://mythbustersresults.com/nasa-moon-landing.

Better than talking out of the you know where.