Monday, December 27, 2010

Return Of The Tigers

After being in the doldrums for years, the Malaysian national football team has come back with a convincing 3-0 win over Indonesia in the first leg of the ASEAN Football federation Cup (Suzuki Cup) Final. Congratulations! Now let's pray that the players keep their head and are not overawed by the hostile (I can be sure of that) reception at Jakarta.

However last night's game was marred by the laser-pointer incident against the Indonesian goalkeeper. Yes it's a disgrace to our supporters but does not contribute to the 3-0 drubbing, as alleged by their supporters. Their coach blamed the lapse of concentration by their defence which allowed the goals, which makes sense, as the goals came long after the incident. However, visits to Indonesian forums show that their suopporters still blame the lasers and that they vow to avenge the incident in Jakarta. Suit themselves it was they who originally shone the laser against the Malaysian goalkeeper during the Group Stage match! 

What makes it even more ridiculous was that an Indonesian forumner put up an alleged photo of the laser-pointer incident last night. I have no idea that Malaysian supporters would come out to support their team in jubah and keffiyeh! That photo was actually of a similar incident during the Argentina vs Nigeria game in last summer's World Cup!

One of the Garuda's wings have been let's make sure it couldn't fly!


Hairil Rizal said...

Dumping them at Jakarta would be great! To defend the goalkeeper especially from the Indon lasers, he'll need to have a light saber!


mumuchi said...

or like i told my wife..wrap around sunglasses for everybody..