Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That's Not A Firecracker....It's An IED!

The Hari Raya ( Ramadhan really) has already claimed its first fatality...not from the oh-so-frequent road accidents but from firecracker 'mishap'. That was the recent incident at Terengganu where an explosion killed a boy and badly wounding two others. According to the police (I knew this when reading my brother's blog) the idiots (really, I'm not going to pull punches here) stuffed the explosives from firecrackers into a refrigerant container in order to get the biggest bang. Unfortunately (for them) they forgot basic safety precautions when dealing with explosives. The result? They do get that Big Bang at the cost of one life and their own bodies.

Such incidents are not isolated cases - it has happened for years. These idiots over the years forgot that when you stuff explosives (that's what the firecrackers really are) into metal tubes or containers, you did not create a better firecracker, you're creating an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) or to put in a more lay term, a home-made BOMB! The only difference is the intensity of the blast - stuffed aerial bits can take out fingers while that refrigerant container may probably destroy a Humvee! This incident also reminds of another incident several years ago when an explosive-filled badminton net pole went off, killing an (idiotic) teenager. What causes the recent incident to be more violent is that the explosives are placed inside a pressure vessel with thick sides. When it went off, it causes a catastrophic explosion - collapsing an abandoned house and throwing the body of the boy 15 meters into the air.

Knowing 'our people' such incidents could happen again in the future, they never learn anything...perhaps the next time they will use the industrial gas tank - creating an IED that can flip an Abrams tank! In the meantime, the idiots could be nominated for this year, or maybe the next's Darwin Award. If you do not know what the Darwin Award is, go Google!

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Hat tip for the Darwin Awards!