Sunday, August 22, 2010

Then...and Now

Ok this is a rare treat... a politics-related entry from me!

1982 : An ustazah at my religious school told us, in order for us to tell our parents, that we Muslims cannot vote for a non-Muslim (General Election) candidate because Muslims cannot have a non-Muslim as leader...

2010 : Some mosques (admittedly only a few) in a certain state recites doa for the current chief minister who is a non-Muslim, instead of the actual Head of Islamic Affairs (that is the King).

Politics DO make strange bedfellows and politics DO make people throw away their principles!

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Hairil Rizal said...

Politics is supposed to be put to good use for the people but the people who use it was and is doing it the dirty way.

Then, how come they expect newer generations to be interested in politics?