Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They Are Everywhere!!!

By this time most of you readers have already heard of Freemasons and Illuminatis, right? Well if you haven't, there's always Google! And that these two secret societies are secretly (of course) in the process of putting the world under their influence? Subliminally they are influencing us through seemingly innocuous words and symbols like the All-Seeing Eye, the pyramid and various triangular shapes.

Now, if you think the symbols are just limited to the US 1 Dollar Bill, the current Animal Planet logo are wrong!! Their symbology has been adapted by our culture without anyone realising it! You don't believe me? Then consider these evidence:

OK, that is a pair of an average bra. Notice how we can draw a triangle as defined by the shoulder strap and two of the edges of the cup And the triangle is the most recognisable symbol of the Freemasons. Furthermore, since a bra is a 'pair', we have two triangles and two triangles make that most feared of all symbols..the Star Of David!

Now this is a pair of briefs...notice how the shape of the briefs readily allows itself to be used subliminally by the Freemasons? The reverse side is also triangular and two triangles make...yep, another Star Of David!

The pyramid is another Masonic symbol. Just look at the US One Dollar Bill and it's there for all to see. Ok what does the pyramidal shape has to do with us Malaysians? We don't use US Dollars for everyday transactions. Yes, that's right but has anyone ever noticed the shape of the packaging of nasi lemak? Banish from your thoughts that particular part of the female anatomy. This is is a serious matter!

Those makciks selling nasi lemaks are all part of the conspiracy..who knows, they might even be members of the Freemason. Scary huh?

And finally.....our good old squat-type toilet....notice how the hole represents the 'All-Seeing Eye' and that the shape of the bowl is basically triangular?

Yes, I am actually taking the mick out of those conspiracy theorists! So there is no need to burn your bras, wearing boxers instead or briefs, burn makcik nasi lemak at the stake or rip up all squat-type toilets in your home! They cannot be behind everything you know!

This entry is not entirely my idea though. Even though I am very sceptical of the conspiracy theories, I have never thought writing a sarcastic piece such as this. The original article can be read at


Hairil Rizal said...

Wah.. siap amik gambar toilet lagi nieh. Hehehe..

The theory tu.. it's not wrong to believe but it can't be so serious that the design of briefs is also influenced?

Some people just know how to be funny eh?

Alpha said...

Artikel ni sarcastic la....

Hasrul Halid said...

Pekida pun ada influence. Tengok aja lampu trafik!