Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mari Melayan Banker Afrika (Part Six)

Dalam masa yang sama aku dapat email dari Mr Bersakar

Dear Partner.
I received your email and will like to bring to your mind that we have started the journey of a great fortune and we should try by every means to make this a success.

You should try by every possible means and make it to my country for us to get this transaction successfuly completed as this will be required from you once approval is granted. An attorney can stand to process all the requiremnts and sign on your behalf but I will appreciate if you will make it possible to be here as that will be a very big opportunity for us to know each other and build more confidence.

Moreover, you should watch out for a proposal of this nature and pls do not reply any. Due to the developmental needs of Burkina Faso many foreign investors and contractors flood here for contracts and investments. Many also use that medium to engage in an illegal transaction. Because these ills are not checked following the country's agreement with the IMF as benefits to the developing countries, many foreigners used the opportunity to execute many illegal transactions like drug and money laundry. Since the discovery of these ills by the Blaise government an order has been given to confiscate all the foreign account with any bank that have been dormant for the purchase of arms and armmunition. Bank officials like I personally have discovered such account whereas the reason I would want the funds approved in your name as the beneficiary. Do not reply any email that might come for this kind of proposal as all the files will pass through the Ministry of Finance and it will look suspicious if your name is in two different files. Also the 2002 African Union summit held in Durban, South Africa, following the 11th september attack initiated the AU Fund Transfer Monitoring Agents to monitor all the SWIFT money transfers coming in and going out of Africa in a way to checkmate the world's most threatening human disaster 'Terrorism' which has caused a lot of damage and dread to the human person. All the file of every international money transfer must pass through AU monitoring agents before the funds will be transferred. Pls you should immediately stop communications with them so that we will not have anything to regret in this transaction. This is a life time transaction and we should not in any way mess it up. All you have to do is to forward such email to me for advise. Keep me updated once you hear from the bank.

Punya la tamak...sampai kata jangan layan permintaan lain yang serupa!
Ni balasan aku...

David.I have received email from the bank. They want me to fill a form which details Iam not familiar with such as information of the deceased guy. What shall I do? I have attached the said form for your reference.


Ayu said...

aku tak sabo nak baca part seterusnya :)
aku dah lama tak dtg sini so sekali aku datang aku khatam baca semua entry ko hahaha tapi entry yg ade bunyik2 teknikal aku tak baca :P

mumuchi said...

yeop..aku dah lost dah ni...ini negara afrika punya citer ni..burkina faso, liberia semua sudah masuk ni ehehehehehheh!

foxey said...

keskeskes... it's getting funnier with each entry... apadaaa depa nih... Mrs. Alpha dah berapa bulan? when arrr due?

xey ~ an abbr. preferred by one of my crazy friends when he wanted to 'mengadu' about his love life to me... keskeskes... :p