Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Untold History' My Ass!! (Part IV - Final)

Welcome back readers. This final installment of the series is concerned with our esteemed historian's allegations that there existed an infantry regiment, the 19th under the command of 'Captain John Davvy'. (Bear in mind however that his original posting has been deleted or lost and what is written here are the disjointed quotes and remarks from elsewhere in the original thread) This regiment which was part of the Royal Navy(!) was manned exclusively by pardoned ex-pirates (Malays of course). However, some time later they mutinied and along with Captain Davvy they wreak havoc, in Liverpool, of all places. As a result of this mutiny, the British no longer trusts the Malays to become soldiers of the British Empire until 1933. He also added that the 19th Regiment has been 'cursed' because of this mutiny and have been forced to travel from port to port without making land. And the connection between this story and The Pirates of The Carribean? Why, the Flying Dutchman, its crew and Davy Jones of course!

Now as I stated before, our esteemed historian doesn't know f**k all about the nautical lore behind the name 'Davy Jones' or what the term 'Davy Jones' Locker' means. He also chose to ignore the legend of De Vliegende Nederlander - what the producers of that movie did was simply modifying and adapting the legends in order to incoporate them into the movies. And as for the 'cursed regiment'...since when the Royal Navy have infantrymen? That would be the Royal Marines, even though they are part of the Naval Service. And if the Brits refused to set up malay military formations because of the mutiny, then how come they raised divisions of the Indian army even though they were involved in the Indian Mutiny 1857 and Singapore Mutiny in 1915?

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mumuchi said...

and with all due respects to melayu darats, they even raised mandhailing regiments in pahang even though they fought against them in selangor/perak. The brits are opportunists, pure and simple.

and the simplest thing, why would a british malay lost regiment be called a dutchmen in the first place hehehehe