Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fact Or Myth : Adults Only!

Ok, first of, log off. Adults, carry on! Even though the title mentioned adults only, what I'm writing here is the stuff you can find in men's and women's magazines..not to mention the weekly article in Metro Ahad by Dr Ismail Thamby.

Now, some people (OK, men) are obsessed with their libido and performance in bed. While true ED (erectile dysfunction) is a concern, many others are concerned with whether their, uh, male reproductive organ is 'strong' enough. I recently came across an online article about whether your male reproductive organ is 'strong' and 'healthy'. The article stated that a strong male reproductive organ is one which has an upward angle when erect; when peeing, the urine has strong flow and that the urine is frothy (the frothier the better). Furthermore, another sign that the male reproductive organ is 'weak' is that the person frequently urinates, especially at night. So gentlemen, if your male reprodcutive organ has an upward angle when erect, your urine gushes out and frothy and that if you did not pee frequently then you are sexually 'strong' and 'healthy'. Or was it? That's what happened when old wives' tales gets in the way of scientific facts.

In the book Gray's Anatomy For Students, the writers pointed out that while 75% of test subjects DO have erection of 90 degrees or more (that is, from straight forward to straight up), they did not mention that that is a sign of greater 'strength' - it was merely angles. As for the 'frothy' urine, the frothier it is does not mean you're sexually 'stronger' but it may be a symptom of proteinuria (excess of protein in urine) which in turn caused by a more serious and potentially lethal problem - kidney damage.

As for 'frequent urination especially at night' is not really a sign of sexual 'weakness'; indirectly it is. Frequent urination is a sign of diabetis and that diabetis can lead to erectile dysfunction! So gentlemen remember that the overall health of your body is waayyy more important than that one particular part of your anatomy!


mumuchi said...

I think the kids should also read this. Diabeties strikes regardless of age nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

emmm.. never knew that male reproductive organ need such a high 'angle of attck' to be consider healthy..