Monday, May 10, 2010

Gimme A Shot!

Around two weeks ago the Health Ministry urged those with risk factors to get the H1N1 vaccine. So I went to the Jitra Health Clinic to get them for me and my family. Anyway we end up empty-handed as the current stock at the clinic has been exhausted. So I asked them when the next batch will be available. I was informed that there ARE stocks but they need 10 people. Perplexed, I asked why. The nurse said that a bottle of the vaccine can be administered to ten people and that any leftovers have to be discarded after 24 hours. So OK, I understand that they want to minimize wastage. But what amused me was that the nurse asked us to find another 6-8 people who wants have are we going to do that? Advertise? Most of the people I know in my workplace had already had their shots or that they are not in the risk group. In any case H1N1 vaccination is completely on voluntary basis.

In any case, I have contacted the University Health Centre and they said that they can administer the vaccination (why didn't I ask them before?) but they do have run out of them. The Sister however promised that she would call me when it becomes available again.

In the intervening period between the announcement and my decision to get my shot, I surfed through the internet to find out about possible side effects of H1N1 vaccination. I found out that it may give adverse side effects but the rate is quite low. I also found out that may people in the West refused to be vaccinated...among their reasons is that it is against their rights as the citizens of that particular country.

However one of the reasons why one should not be vaccinated really takes the cake. In one of the local university students' society blog, it was mentioned that the H1N1 pandemic and the vaccinations are all part of the, yes, you guessed it, Illuminati/Freemason/Jewish plan to take over the world. They released the virus and then they basically forced the world to buy vaccines from them. Apparently these kids have never heard the Malay proverb "Menangguk di air keruh". They even suggested that Edward Jenner, the Father of immunology is a Freemason and hence vaccination is part of the grand strategy (whatever that means).

What I can say to these kids is that since you all think that vaccinations are part of the conspiracy, refuse the standard vaccinations when you have don't want your offsprings to be part of the conspiracy do you?

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Hairil Rizal said...

It is seriously surprising that many in our country is relating just too much of everything to this Freemason theory.

I am afraid that in the end these people will discard the concept of Qada' & Qadar and blame everything on Freemason.