Monday, December 10, 2007

Mari Melayan Banker Afrika (Part Nine)

Nampaknya En Daud masih berminat....dan dia ajak aku pergi Liberia!

Dear Alpha

You will hear from the bank and always keep me updated.

What you will do now is to start arranging to be here for the endorsement of the Final Fund Release Order Form with the ministry of Finance so that 'Certificate of Inheritance' will be issued you which is the only legal document to show that the money going into your account is genuine, free from drugs, terrorism and money laundry.

However, an attorney can stand to sign on your behalf but I will appreciate it most if you will make it possible as that will be a very big opportunity for us to know each other and build more confidence before the fund enters your account. My country is a visa free country as you can get your visa at the port of entry.

Pls let me hear from you urgently on this to enable us know what we are doing.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Dan ini balasan aku....dia nak layan ke?

Dear Daud

I suppose I can travel to your country.

However, I do not recognize you. Can you send me a picture of you holding a signboard with the words 'AKU PENIPU BESOR...NGEH 3X'? That's a code word only the two of us know. Your picture can be used by me to identify you when I arrive in Liberia.

Please find the attached word document for you to use as template.



Anonymous said...

Pha, ni mau kencing derang sampai bila ni? muahahahahhaha penyabar ek Pha ni, kalo wa mau wa hamun kat mat gelap ni semua


Anonymous said...

dia mau lu pegi liberia eiks? selalunya sapayang pegi akan samada jadi tebusan atau ilang nyawa.

apapun, lu layan la mamat nih sampai lunyai :P


Xey said...

isk isk isk... gilos ngekngok depa nih... keskeskes...