Monday, October 19, 2009

My D**k Is BIGGER Than Yours!

I usually don't bait people or respond to juvenile/immature/trivial taunts in cyberspace especially during the recent crisis between the so-called Indonesian patriots and our country. However I came across this badly informed and juvenile poster espousing the might of their military.....
Apparently their Air Force is using the highly advanced Flanker series of fighters, their Army is proudly using locally-produced APCs, their Navy operates sleek warships and their Korps Marinir or KOPASSUS troops look extremely menacing and dangerous in their berets and camo'd faces. On the other hand our military is using outdated F-5, the Navy's using eeny-weeny tiny boat and our soldiers look sissy in their Baju Melayu.

Now what I'm going to write next might not be accurate but, as far as I can remember....
1. Yes they do operate Flankers - All FOUR of them (2 Su-27SKs and 2 Su-30KIs) and to rub salt into that wound, they were delivered without weapons save for the internal 30mm cannon! Now I don't want to gloat (really!) but have in our posession 18 Su-30MKMs which apparently the most advanced Flanker versions in service today and we already have the weapons to arm them. OK, to be fair to them, another uh, 3 SU-27SKMs are to be delivered (presumably with weapons) to the Indonesian AF.

2. The F-5 shown in the photo is actually the RF-5E version, used for tactical recon..which is not really a bad plane! As for that tiny boat, it looks more like a Royal Customs or a Royal Malaysian Police craft. Even if that boat belongs to the RMN, using the photo in this context is akin to Chinese netters showing pics of USCG rescue boats in order to ridicule the US Navy!

3. Now the pics of the soldiers....which is simply pathetic. The Indonesians are pictured in battle dress whilst our soldiers is pictured in parade uniforms! (the b&w photo probably dates from the 60s even). Does clothing (and camo cream) make a soldier? Are Buckingham Palace guards sissier than their comrades posted in Iraq or Afghanistan?

4. PT Pindad...I have to admit that their defence industry is more advanced than ours. Although I wouldn't thump my chest loudly if I were them since the rifle produced is actually rebadged FNCs from Belgium and that the APC have strong resemblance to the French VAB! (The engine is actually Renault)


Hairil Rizal said...

Their contents is for their people.. not intended for smarter people like us. Hehe!

faizul2110 said...

agreed!!!! hahahahha plz buy "kontrak sosial" baca buku tu... baru kita tau betapa pandainya bangsa MELAYU menggunakan helah dan tektik untuk mencapai kemerdekaan,(salute tu Tunku Abdul Rahman for his wit and wisdom)

lagi satu aku rasa depa punya submarine dah macam kapai selam kutik orang buang punya.. buruk gila.. hakahakahakah