Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, the identity of the highest bidder for vehicle registration number WWW1 has been answered. Instead of being merely another middle-of-the newspaper story, someone decided to stir up controversy - basically because of the identity of the winner - the Sultan Of Johore. So this guy's commenting that the Sultan is wasting money and that the RM500k should be used to help the poor yadda yadda yadda. And then some other idiot decided to pour oil onto the fire by saying that the Sultan is using 'public funds'.

I think the Crown Prince of Johore has answered the issue through his Twitter, and i'm not going to repeat it here. I just want to say that before we criticise others, we should look at ourselves first. We tend to say that people waste their money if they pay top money to indulge themselves. But do we ask ourselves whether we did it too (albeit at a smaller scale)? Or we say that the money is better spent to help the poor, but we ignore the little old lady who lived in a ramshackle house just a stone throw's away from our house. Or how about this, someone said that there is a misuse of RM500,000 of public money, but our friends (if not YOU yourself) who are on PTPTN loan, bought Blackberry, iPhone or Galaxy Note, which is not really needed for your tertiary education...isn't that misuse of public funds too? Like it or not, we are hypocrites!

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mumuchi said...

Hahahaha and they don't even know the Johor Royal Family generates their own funds.