Friday, February 10, 2012

Going Nuts Over Chickens

By this time, thanks to the internet and especially YouTube, just about everybody knows about the altercation between the employees of a local branch of KFC and a customer. Apparently pissed after being told that the outlet has 'run out of chicken' after waiting in queue for an hour, the customer wanted the management to apologize to him and allegedly he uttered some vile words which raises the anger of the KFC crew. hence the altercation.

I'm not going to give my opinion on that particular incident. But I believe a more peaceful outcome can be reached. I'd like to republish a story I had written here in 2009 when I waited for my overdue French Fries at one of Alor Setar's McDonald's branch. I was at Alor Setar that day attending to some business. Onece finished, I called my wife asking whether she wanted me to bring dinner home. She said just buy some McD's French Fries.So I ordered two large portions of Fries to go. The kid at the counter told me to wait for 5 minutes as the fries are still being fried. The 5 minutes is up..and I waited for another 5. In the meantime I saw other customers walking away with French Fries - so where's mine? Since I sat fairly near the counter, I made a gesture signalling 'Where is my order?' to the kid. Acknowledging that, the kid hurriedly packed something (which I can't see at that time) and came at me. When he arrived at my table, I saw two McChickens! So, being an honest (ahem) guy, I told the kid that I wanted two Large French Fries, not McChicken. Realising his error (and probably a bit panicked too) he said that these burgers are on him! And he hurriedly went back to the fries counter and fetched me the two Large Fries.

So, no need to raise voice.....I got my fries AND two free McChickens!

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Anonymous said...

perghhh.. you big taiko maaa.. just give a gesture and walla.. 2 free mcchics