Monday, December 05, 2011

1,000,000 IQ Drop!

I have a confession : I'm a gameshow junkie. Ever since 'Tekaria" aired on RTM some time in the 1980s, I'm hooked enough that I 'participate' in the shows. My wife even suggested that I auditioned whenever the producers are considering the next season of the show(s).

However, having watched RM1 Million Money Drop a few nights ago, I wonder if there is a conspiracy behind the scenes (so that nobody can win RM1 million) or that the participants are really well, "general-knowledge challenged". I mean, consider these facts:

1. The Malay idiomatic expression "Lari macam lipas kudung"
2. The late Biduanita Saloma's real name was Salmah Binti Ismail
3. Masak Lemak Cili Padi originates from Negeri Sembilan
4. Dondang Sayang is a traditional song/dance of the Babas
5. Kenyir Lake is in Terengganu

However the contestants' choice for answers were:
1. "Lari macam semut"
2. Salma Binti Hayek (which is, actually Salma Hayek of Desperado fame and definitely NOT Puan Sri Saloma!)
3. Johor
4. The Minangkabaus
5. Perak

Extremely easy questions, yet the contestants FAILED!


mumuchi said...

what do you expect..the B&H milllionaire was the last and only contestant who actually won a million, and the producers was scrambling to pay up so much so the new season was cancelled what..nobody expected the guy to win..remember what happened to malaysia's who wants to be a millionaire and it various versions..did anybody actually win that million prize hehehehe!

kudabesi said...

saya setuju bang..tak tau la kalau peserta tu berlakon ke apa

tapi bab tasik kenyir dia boleh letak duit kat perak time tu saya angin sangat

sama ada tak ada orang nak masuk game nih atau memang game nih amik orang tak tau fakta


Hairil Rizal said...

So far have watched only one episode but the contestants in there weren't as bad as you've seen.

Tasik Kenyir at Perak??
How could they be Malaysians??

wirajack said...

Saya rasa memang producer pilih contestant yang errrr "general-knowledge challenged" kot....