Sunday, June 12, 2011

Autobot Adham

Last Friday, before we made our way back to Kedah, my kids wanted to buy storybooks so off we went to my former favourite haunt, 1-Utama as there is an MPH Bookstore there plus it is quite conveniently located close to NKVE (so that I won't have to wade through city traffic).
Since the MPH at 1-Utama is located in the New Wing, I parked my car there and we make our way to the shop. When we emerged into the New Wing concourse, we found that there is a Transformers : Dark Of The Moon promotion, complete with a 22 feet high replica of Optimus Prime. A number of The Transformers toys were on display and of course for sale. Being a fan myself, I told my wife that I'd like to take a look around after we finished buying the kids' storybooks. However, unsurprisingly perhaps, my son, Adham practically dragged us towards the concourse, not because he saw that replica Optimus, but a real Chevy Camaro! It turns out that Chevy is also co-promoting their products with the Camaro taking centre stage. So, we give in to him and let him have a closer look at the Camaro. And, as my brother had said in his blog, Adham do has 'good taste' (make that 'expensive') in his choice of cars...he totally ignored the also displayed Optra, Aveo and Cruze....and he wanted to get inside the Camaro! (The Camaro was not opened for public viewing unlike the more 'regular' Chevys mentioned above)
I told my wife about my brother's remark and she told me that it is true....the price tag for that Transformers SE Camaro is RM 488,000!

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Hairil Rizal said...

Adham's Pak Ngah would also like to at least sit and hold the steering wheel of the Camaro if he can!


Didn't expect it to be that expensive! Perghhh....