Monday, February 14, 2011

SGPV : What 'They' Really Want

Name : SGPV (Second Generation Patrol Vessel) to be named 'Sampan' (since the first generation vessel were logs and dugouts)
Length : Not more than 10 meters
Displacement : Depends on building material. We consider wood
Propulsion : COPAM (Combination Petrol And Manpower) Main propulsion system is outboard motors. All suppliers of motorcycles, hardwares and just anybody who stock outboards are welcome to submit their tender proposals. To save petrol since all available fuel are to be distributed freely to the rakyat, oar positions are to be incorporated.
Sensors : Eyeball Mk1, Eyeglass Mk2, Windcock, windsock, psychic sensors (when available)
Weapons : Giant sized catapult, swords (for boarding), loudhailers (a personal request by the 'PM' since they remind him of his student and reformasi days) for delivering harsh words.
Aircraft : No hangar. Deck facilities for Cheapskate UAV (RC toy chopper with digital video recorder hanged aboard)
Tender method : Open. All ship contractors around the world are invited. Your specs will be revealed to other parties participating in the bid.

"This design is so much cheaper than the previous government's proposal for SGPV. 6 Billion RM for just 6 six ships, bah! With Sampan class, we can build more than 600-ship navy! Should he still be around, President Reagan would tear his guts out  since even he can't build a 600-ship Navy! We are going to build a Navy so that people can walk from Semenanjung to Sarawak without getting their feet wet!" Said one gomen spokesman, Mr Non Sen Se.

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