Sunday, October 03, 2010

When Reality and Fantasy Collides

Recently, in CARI Forum, an online friend asked some matters relating to the military. One of his questions was whether the Bundeswehr (German Army) has fielded a super-strong, bullet-, shrapnel- and explosive-proof suit called a Juggernaut Suit. Costing millions of dollars (or was it Deutschmark, or Euro?), the suit is issued on limited basis to members of the Bundeswehr (probably in Afghanistan?)

One helpful soul asked whether what he meant actually was the IDZ (Infanterist der Zukunft / Infantry of the Future) program actually testeed in Afghanistan. He said he wasn't sure but his friends told him the things I mentioned in the first paragraph above.

So, I checked out the Internet. What I found made me chuckled to myself. The Juggernaut suit DO the computer game Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare! Which makes me wonder whether that poor guy is a victim of his friends' pranks or that his friends actually believe that whatever exists in the game (whch to my best knowledge do utilize existing weapons; with a smattering of fantasy weapons of course - like the Suit itself) have their real-life counterparts. If it is the latter, a heavy pat on the back is due to be given to the game creators - for making their game so good that people think its REAL. That, or the players are to be given a ROFL treatment for believing in fantasies!

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